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Time for Rest

Rest is important. 

If you have little ones (or can remember when your own children were little), you can remember how vital that afternoon REST proved to be. It ensured a happy afternoon and the absence (or lessening) of melt downs at the end of the day. It gave you some quiet during your day to regroup and focus. 

Resting has been on my mind a lot. 

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10 Best Pinterest Boards for LEGO Crazed Kids


10 Best Pinterest Boards for LEGO Crazed Kids

 Learning with LEGO® bricks has become a way of life in our homeschool!

If you aren't aware, my blog has an EXTENSIVE section of LEGO Learning resources - from free printables to reviews of LEGO® Education products. I even have a FREE 10 Week LEGO Class you can download. 

Many times I find myself turning to Pinterest to catalog our LEGO finds and also to seek new ideas for our homeschool. 

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A Chore System that Finally works!

Is it discouraging to you when you hear about families where the children WILLINGLY and CHEERFULLY assist their parents in household chores?

It is for me... especially because I don't have children that jump out of bed in the morning willing to serve around the house. 

Inspiring Children to Help With Household Chores

I have GOOD kids, but a system of organization - especially for completing the daily necessities of life - was lacking.  We all need this - not just children!

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