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The Well-Rounded Homeschooler


 I'm heading to the Refresh Retreat this weekend as a speaker. 

One of my passions in homeschooling is Interest Led Learning - I will be giving a talk about how anyone can weave Interest Led Learning into their days - no matter your homeschool style. 

Naturally I've been thinking a lot this week about Interest Led Learning, and also about the well rounded homeschooler.

What does being "well-rounded" mean?

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Homeschool Math: Mastery & Fun


Homeschool math seems to cause many parents and children a lot of frustration and headache. 

We've been in an extremely good math groove in our homeschool for the past three years, and I am always wanting to shout from the rooftops why we LIKE math and that my children are confident mathematicians.

Do they both LOVE math? 

No. My kids are probably just like yours.

One of my children is a math kid and the other is NOT. But the non-math kid doesn't struggle and realizes the importance of a good math education.

I'll take that. 

And just so you know - math is NOT my strong suit. In fact, I am loving receiving an excellent math education through teaching my children.

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Interest Led Learning: Get Out of the Way, Mom! 


I'm a Classical Home Educator through and through.

That doesn't mean, however, that I have abandoned all of our Interest Led Learning ideals. 

More and more I am drawn to find ways for us to pursue our interests with a Classical learning framework (if that makes sense). 

Sometimes we take vacations from school and learning still occurs. This has been one of those weeks. 

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