¿Cōmo Se Dice? - Dad's in Honduras: Collage Friday
Friday, April 4, 2014 at 5:00AM
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 My heart is full and happy.

If you know my husband, then you know what a hard working, unassuming, and faithful person I am lucky to have as my partner in this life. We've been married for 17 years and I can honestly say that each year I love him more. 

When I had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador with Operation Christmas Child I was a bit hesitant - you know, leaving the country without my children, jumping into a huge unknown, etc...  My husband, however, encouraged me to go and supported me 110%. 

I had a feeling that God was working in our lives last year, and going to Ecuador seemed like the culmination. 

Wrong! It was just the beginning.

Little by little we have been making changes in our lives that reflect our belief that we're really not put on this earth to serve OURSELVES.  We live in a community where affluence is the norm. It's HARD to stay grounded. "Serving" - to me - was always very safe and comfortable. I could donate money or do an easy service project. Slowly, God is working in our family - it just took me being willing to LISTEN. 

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In my life I've slowly been broken - first to quit my job and stay at home with my children, then to take them out of traditional school and homeschool them. Now, I feel a bigger calling, but I'm not sure what it is just yet. 

Mission to Honduras

When our church announced the annual mission trip to Honduras my husband told me he felt led to go. While money and vacation time aren't things that are just laying around in my house, it was a sacrifice for him to go. (Funny, it feels like more of a blessing than a sacrifice now.)

In the days before his departure we had a lot on our plates - major changes at work and health issues for three of our parents. 

The devil really does his best to confound us sometimes.  

It has given me such joy  knowing  Hal is in Honduras this week, enjoying every minute of a mission trip with members of our church family. His pictures having been pouring into our Photo Stream (isn't technology amazing?) and we have been able to text a few times.  The mission team has been working at a hospital and orphanage in Honduras, Loma de Luz

Can I admit I'm really jealous he is there and I am not?  

I joked with Hal before he left that one phrase would serve him well when he was interacting with the children in Honduras (it's a phrase I used OVER and OVER in Ecuador!).... "¿Cōmo se dice?", which means "How do you say?"  Children love it when they can teach you something in their language, so this simple phrase along with pointing to the item you want to know the name of is so helpful!  

I am choosing not to dwell on the fact there have been 2 earthquakes in the region and  there was a Tsunami Watch for Honduras on Wednesday of this week.  Or, that San Pedro Sula, where they are flying from, is the MOST DANGEROUS city (highest murder rate - yikes) in the world. Fear has this way of creeping into my mind sometimes and then I remember: God's got this! 


Meanwhile, Back in Georgia...

It's been a very productive week. 

The pollen knocked Grant flat the first few days of week, so we stuck close to home. We even missed Classical Conversations on Tuesday.  Boo hoo.

Once the kids have gone to bed my evenings have been a time when I've caught up on a lot - the house is really clean, the laundry is all done, and I've been reading for pleasure. 

I told my children today that I am so proud of them. There has been no bickering and everything has been peaceful. It's so nice to rely on them for help around the house, cooking meals, and so many other things. I really hit the jackpot with my kids! 

We miss dad, though - can't wait to see him Saturday!

1. Our final text to dad before he got on the airplane -- the kids and I and Gizmo in a selfie. 

2. I read The Family Under the Bridge to the kids this week - what a lovely story. 

3. We made gluten free chocolate chip cookies. They were really good!

4. Since Anna has been learning about all of the major body systems in science this semester, I printed an activity from CC Connected that talked about daVinci and had a quiz of all the body parts in Latin. Sweet! We're becoming Latin nerds and it is such fun. We even started following the Pope's Twitter Feed in Latin!

5. Our seeds are sprouting!

6. Baseball season is HERE. Grant's team played twice this week. We are thankful for a very good coach and a great group of boys. 

7. Building a LEGO playground!

8. LEGO Mixels - have you seen these things? Grant had some money from the tooth fairy saved up and decided to buy LEGOS.  Really? This kid could be on an episode of hoarders -- LEGO hoarders!


Next week is spring break. I must admit I REALLY need it. 

We are finally replacing and refinishing flooring in our entire dowstairs, which means basically moving out of the downstairs. I will use the week to get that organized and hopefully catch up on some blogging things I've let slide. The kids have friends coming over and I'm sure we'll find some other fun things to do, too. 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week -- I so enjoy reading all of the Collage Friday posts each week! 

Please join me! 

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