The Best Apple Cake and Frog Guts! ~ Collage Friday
Friday, November 15, 2013 at 5:00AM
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Each Thursday afternoon I sit and write this collage post. 

My kids have piano lessons, so I take advantage of the 75 uniterrupted minutes of time to document and reflect on the week. 

Today the weather is beautiful - the leaves are almost all off the trees and it's peaceful and cool. 

There's SO MUCH to be thankful for, and I'm happy we all get to share our weeks with each other during Collage Friday. 

Just a little heads up... in 2 Fridays I will be visiting with family and friends in South Florida. We are spending an entire week hopefully relaxing and enjoying ourselves. There will be NO Collage Friday on November 29th from me. 

{I'll remind you again next week, too.}

Frog Dissections

This week was a monumental Classical Conversations day for Anna!

Each week her Challenge A class researches a specific science topic. This week it was amphibians. 

The class dissected frogs. Anna was so excited about this dissection that she had another adult come to the Foundations room where I was helping and ask me to come witness the dissection!

This child has always loved stuff like this. Most of the kids were a little squeamish, but Anna was right in her element!


This is the 12th week of Challenge A. I am BLOWN AWAY by the amount of material Anna has learned, and equally blown away by her enthusiasm for the program.

It has been the biggest blessing of our homeschool year. 

If you had told me my daughter would be successfully (and fairly easily) translating paragraphs from Latin to English and vice versa I would have been doubtful. If you had told me she would look forward to spending 7 hours each Tuesday in academic seminars I would have been even more doubtful.

This is my free spirited child - my musician and bookworm. I was a bit afraid the Challenge Program would stifle her, but it hasn't. She is learning so many new things and developing new interests as a result. The friendships and positivie peer pressure have been HUGE.

Other Randomness From the Week

We are plugging away for one more week, and then we will be off to Florida! 

Anna packed more boxes for Operation Christmas Child with the youth group at church, and I cooked a huge crockpot full of chili for their dinner.

We had two families over last weekend for dinner and time at the fire pit. 

There's so much going on, but it's all GOOD, so I'm trying to push through the tiredness and am telling myself there will time for rest soon.

Pictured above:



I spent a lot of time creating a gift giving guide for parents and friends of LEGO Lovers. 

There is also a chance for you to win a 3 month subscription to PLEYGO (the Netflix of LEGOS!) in the post. Take a minute and check out the guide and enter to win! 

As always, there are a lot of things I left out of this Collage Friday post, but I could never be done writing this post if I included everything from our week.

Homeschooling Moms: Give yourselves a HUGE pat on the back. Do you realize how much you DO EACH WEEK and the IMPACT YOU HAVE on your children and your entire family?  I would love for us all to be in one room together and celebrate the success of just having made it through another week. 


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